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Release date: 11 July 2024

  • PSS®E Dynamic: CONTROL, VREF= and CONTROL, GREF= raise an unexpected validation error when a relative change is specified (e.g. VREF=+0.03 p.u.).


Release date: 10 July 2024

  • PSS®E Dynamic: CONTROL, VREF= and CONTROL, GREF= relative change commands do not pass the correct bus reference to PSS®E, do not apply VALSCALE= when provided and raise an unexpected error if p.u. is specified in all capitals.


Release date: 8 July 2024

  • Plot: Added DELTA_ERRORBANDS which creates an error band based on the relative change in a single, with an optional scaling factor.


Release date: 5 July 2024

  • Engine: Fixed validation error being raised when using very small or large numbers for VALSCALE= arguments.


Release date: 22 June 2024

  • PSS®E Static: Case converged check does not re-check model convergence after robust solution solve - but will only check after next non-robust solution check.
  • PSS®E Static: system.convergence.mva Advanced Parameter incorrectly has a maximum limit of 5 MVA.


Release date: 20 June 2024

  • Documentation: Released examples for initializing PSCAD™ from static simulations, advanced network faults and benchmarking models with real-world data.
  • Engine and Web App: Detects common intermittent errors and automatically reschedules the failed Task to retry.
  • PSS®E Static and Web App: Expanded network model reference to support model exported by a connected PSS®E Static Node (allowing multi-SMIB merge support).
  • Web App: Global Variables can now contain Scenario Variables, Global Variables can now contain other Global Variables and Scenario Variables can now contain other Scenario Variables (but cyclical references are not supported and will be raised as an error).
  • Web App: Scenario Variables which are identical are now automatically converted to Global Variables.
  • PSS®E Dynamic: Added new Argument AR_INDEPENDENT_TIMERS to enable simulation of (fictitious) time-synchronised auto-reclose timers.
  • PowerFactory Dynamic: Added a warning if multiple potential Thévenin equivalent sources are detected (which means faults or voltage playback may not work as expected).
  • Web App: Added validation checks to ensure that variable names are unique across Global Variables and Scenario Variables.
  • Web App: An enable/disable column is now exported by default for all Loop Variable .csv exports.
  • Web App: Global Variables now support multiple lines.
  • Web App: Moved "Run only first iteration of each loop" check-button out of the "Advanced" section in the "Launch a Simulation" popup.
  • Web App: Scenario Variable table now has a drop-down selectable number of Scenario Variables, rather than showing all by default.
  • Web App: Switching between Node configuration windows now selects the same tab by default.
  • Web App: When exporting to .csv, all rows are now exported from a Start Loop Node, regardless if a subset is selected.
  • PSS®E Static: When network merge is enabled, source network case file is not automatically added into the standalone folder.
  • PowerFactory Dynamic: Rarely, multiple gridmo Results objects can be created.
  • Web App: Fixed 'already signed in user' error when signing in.
  • Web App: Fixed rare 'An unknown error has occurred' bug on signing in.
  • Web App: Percentage complete of extremely large simulations can report 100% complete (but they are not yet complete).
  • Web App: Simulations no longer get stuck in Backlog state if an unexpected error is encountered while processing.
  • Web App: Simulations no longer raise an error when switching from a very large flow to a small one (where the project file itself is very large).
  • Web App: Start Node incorrectly had an icon implying it has a Node configuration window (but it doesn’t).
  • Web App: Fixed issue where users couldn't switch between Flows in large project files.


Release date: 29 May 2024

  • Documentation: Restructure and redesign of
  • Templates: New template released - WEM GPS (PowerFactory and PSCAD™).
  • Web App: New user interface with clearer Node panels, more Flow space, fewer tabs and standardised look and feel throughout the app.
  • Engine: Added local launch buffer to improve PowerFactory simulation launch speed.
  • Engine: Required Python 2.7 dependencies now packaged with Engine for PSS®E v34 support.
  • Engine: Standalone zip folder name and gridmo log files now include additional information on the source Node and source Run to assist debugging.
  • PSCAD™: Added option to allow PSCAD™ workspace pre-processing to be skipped (to support some OEM models).
  • PSS®E Dynamic, PSCAD™ and PowerFactory Dynamic: Improved validation and error description for invalid playback (V / F / angle) instructions.
  • PowerFactory Dynamic: CONTROL, RELVAL= and VDISTURBANCE do not apply the desired event in PowerFactory 2023 (though do appear in the standalone folder .pfd) - added parameter event pre-allocation.
  • PowerFactory Dynamic: gridmo V/F playback dynamic model is in .dz format, not .pfd format and is not backward compatible with PowerFactory 2023.
  • Table: Output file can be created even if no filename specified.
  • Web App: Old very large Node IDs are now mapped to smaller values to avoid overlapping text on output plots.
  • Web App: Start Nodes have unexpected Node panels appearing if double clicking.


Release date: 21 May 2024

  • PowerFactory Dynamic: Added RELVAL= support for CONTROL Command.
  • PowerFactory Dynamic: Added VAL=IQ, VAL=ID and VAL=PF for OUTPUT Command.
  • PowerFactory Dynamic: Added VDISTURBANCE support for both under and over voltages.
  • PowerFactory Dynamic: Added generic OUTPUT channel recording support (such as LVRT/HVRT signals etc).
  • PowerFactory Dynamic: CONTROL Command now supports pre-initialisation with AT=-1.
  • PowerFactory Dynamic: Renamed MODEL= to OBJECT_NAME= to better align with PowerFactory definitions.
  • PowerFactory Dynamic: Two and three winding transformers now supported for OUTPUT Commands.
  • PowerFactory Static: Added SET, OBJECT_NAME= and SET, FOREIGN_KEY= to allow gridmo to control load Flow controllers or similar objects.
  • PSCAD™ and PowerFactory Dynamic: SETFILE now supports non-numeric parameter settings (as per the documentation).
  • PowerFactory Dynamic: Improved angle benchmarking between PowerFactory and other packages (PowerFactory angle now regulated to reference bus by default).
  • PowerFactory Dynamic: METERBUS= Argument raises unexpected validation error for OUTPUT Commands.
  • PowerFactory Dynamic: VALSCALE= is not processed for OUTPUT, BUS= Command.


Release date: 19 May 2024

  • PSCAD™: Engine setup wizard does not store direct (EMTDC™) launch configuration details if any PSCAD™ Fortran compiler fails to launch - rather than disabling only the failed compiler configuration.


Release date: 13 May 2024

  • PSCAD™: smiby's automatic infinite bus voltage not used to bias relative voltage steps.
  • PSCAD™: smiby's automatic infinite bus voltage mode incorrectly applies a fixed ramp rate to all subsequent voltage changes in a simulation.


Release date: 10 May 2024

  • PSS®E Dynamic: Added new Argument AR_CLOSE_ONE_END to ADVFAULT Command. The default auto-reclose performance of ADVFAULT now simulates dead-line auto-reclose blocking (which is common on many transmission reclose schemes) to improve alignment to real-world fault events. Previous performance can be selected using AR_CLOSE_ONE_END=NO.
  • PSS®E Dynamic: ADVFAULT Command incorrectly raises an error if AR_RETRIES=1.
  • PSS®E Dynamic: ADVFAULT Command incorrectly switches the second line section out if the line trip timers overlap (during a auto-reclose attempt with the fault still present).
  • PSS®E Dynamic: The faulted line after an ADVFAULT Command is always out of service at the end of the fault and reclose sequence, even if AR_FINALSTATE=IN Argument is specified.
  • Web App: Fixed unnecessary duplication of data in file storage causing JSONs to be larger than required.
  • Web App: Fixed Analysis Node table issue where "Name" column was not editable when selected.
  • Web App: Fixed issue where Loop: Start Node inserted a trailing newline when the user pressed 'Enter' to go to the next line.


Release date: 7 May 2024

  • Web App: JSON files can now support multiple Flows within a single project.
  • Web App: Loop Variables can now support multiple lines.
  • Engine: Example CSV data now provided with the Engine installer for future gridmo example files.
  • Engine: New gridmo Engine updater icon added.
  • PSCAD™: smiby block now has automatic infinite bus voltage calculation capability.
  • PSS®E Static and PowerFactory Static: New Advanced Parameter voltages.tolerance to allow independent control from MVA targets for all static simulations.
  • Engine: Setup wizard now ignores all FortranMedic versions which are not PSCAD™ v5 and has improved error handling in case it does not launch correctly.
  • Engine: Simplified Engine setup process by combining licence key and connectivity checks into one step.
  • PSCAD™: Direct (EMTDC™) launch mode is now disabled by default, but still set up during the Engine setup process.
  • PSCAD™: Output file search improved to better handle PSCAD™ installations which do not correctly report the EMTDC™ temporary directory to the Engine.
  • PSCAD™: SET, CNAME= Command improved, now checks all matches and only tries to apply to PSCAD™ objects which match both the name and the parameter.
  • PSS®E Static and PSS®E Dynamic: SET Command now supports multiple GEN= Arguments.
  • PowerFactory Dynamic: CONTROL Command improvements to handle multiple MODEL= Argument results and only apply if a matching parameter is found.
  • PowerFactory Static and PowerFactory Dynamic: Expanded error handling for PowerFactory error codes due to missing licence, or too many windows open.
  • Templates: Added Related Templates references to templates in the template library.
  • Web App: Title of web-app tab now lists the name of the currently opened Project.
  • Analysis: Analysis summary doesn't appear for any Analysis Nodes which have blank titles.
  • Data: Error raised if time series channel not auto-detected by the Engine.
  • Engine: In the setup wizard, the Engine ID box and instructions are not hidden as expected when pressing the retry button.
  • PSCAD™: Output file conversion can fail to convert a single channel from EMTDC™ into gridmo's standard format due to an off-by-one error.
  • PSCAD™: Output file reader now supports PSCAD™ Project description (which is added as a header to the output files made by EMTDC™).
  • PSS®E Static and PSS®E Dynamic: Automated island disconnection can raise an unexpected error based on PSS®E's response code.
  • PSS®E Static and PSS®E Dynamic: If PSS®E legacy connection timeout is changed in the Engine settings window and settings are applied without restarting, PSS®E legacy launch mode does not start correctly.
  • Plot: Scatter plots can raise a rare Unbound Local error if a customer logo is specified.
  • PowerFactory Dynamic: OUTPUT, GEN= Command not adding output channel as expected.
  • PowerFactory Dynamic: Removed default text placed in description field of all dynamic simulations.
  • PowerFactory Dynamic: VALSCALE= argument not being applied in PowerFactory CONTROL Commands.
  • Templates: Some sticky notes have NOTE: appended before TEMPLATE: in some templates.
  • Web App: If a Node window is open with unsaved changes, a warning for unsaved changes when you download a Flow is not displayed.
  • Web App: Variable auto-complete functionality doesn't exist on any text fields in Analysis Nodes.
  • Web App: When you are copying and pasting Loop variables, the Node copy and paste is not suppressed.


Release date: 2 May 2024

  • PSS®E Dynamic: Added CONTROL, VAR=, CONTROL, CON=, CONTROL, ICON=, OUTPUT, VAR= and OUTPUT, STATE= support for miscellaneous (other) type PSS®E dynamic models using new MINS= argument.


Release date: 17 April 2024

  • Web App: Fixed issue causing blurry text on some monitor resolutions.


Release date: 15 April 2024

  • Web App and Engine: Released PowerFactory Static and PowerFactory Dynamic Nodes and associated documentation.
  • Web App: New button added which can apply subplot changes across multiple Plot Nodes within a Flow.
  • Templates: New template library, with dedicated search, setup instructions, assumptions, sources and template-level changelog.
  • Plot: Added commencement time as a sub-plot level calculation using the Command COMMENCEMENT_T.
  • smiby: Expanded PSCAD™ model low-SCR initialisation mode options. New modes include infinite bus voltage ramps, and infinite bus voltage and SCR ramps.
  • Templates: Public release of AEMO typical Chapter 5 NER GPS template.
  • Templates: Public release of ERCOT DWG dynamic Model Quality Tests (MQT) v20.
  • Templates: Public release of Australia Essential Energy <5 MW typical dynamic network studies requirements.
  • Templates: Public release of Australia Powercor Sub 5 MW GPS Guideline.
  • Templates: Public release of Fingrid Modelling instruction for PSS/E and PSCAD™ models & VJV2018.
  • Templates: Public release of Australia AusNet Services 1.5MW to 5MW System Study Requirements.
  • Templates: Released new combined Table 22 and Full AEMO DMAT template (which replaces older separate templates).
  • Templates: Standardised layout and structure of all gridmo templates, finished implementing new standardised sticky Node arrangement.
  • Engine: Added Engine version reporting into gridmo worker log file.
  • Engine: Prevented multiple message boxes from being opened when trying to close the Engine settings window.
  • PSS®E Static and PSS®E Dynamic: Extended default timeout from 120 to 240 seconds for legacy PSS®E v34 connection mode.
  • Plot: Added new Engine setting to allow top-right gridmo logo to be toggled off.
  • Plot: Changed to new powered by gridmo logo on plots and added powered by gridmo to bottom right of plots.
  • Web App: Improved error message when accidentally uploading a Scenario Variables CSV to the Global Variables table, or vice-versa.
  • Engine: Rare Engine thread crash issue (added better error handling to display this state).
  • Engine: ValueError '' not in list caused by a PSS®E Static Node being connected to a Table Node which is then plotted in scatter Plot Node.
  • Engine: Settings window can be very slow when opened.
  • Engine: Setup wizard can fail with a FileNotFound error is PSCAD™ setup only completed.
  • PSS®E Static: Convergence target of low.scr.mode is too large by default, resulting in some SCR misalignment under extremely low SCR.
  • Web App: Rarely, when re-arranging sub-plots, some sub-plots can be stacked on-top of each other if moving multiple sub-plots.
  • Web App: Stopped undo snapshots from being from being created when clicking or double clicking on Nodes.
  • Analysis: Analysis Outputs could occassionally render with the incorrect font if the Engine's preferred font was unavailable.


Release date: 8 April 2024

  • Plot: Added initial support for x-axis of plots to be logarithmic, rather than linear (will be added to Web App in a future release).


Release date: 24 March 2024

  • PSS®E Dynamic: Added new Engine setting for user configuration of the timeout setting for PSS®E v34 legacy connection mode, default value remains unchanged and is suitable for most users.


Release date: 22 March 2024

  • Plot and Web App: Rarely, some sub-plots don't render in the PDF output files, or do render but appear in the top-left of the Plot output, which doesn't align with the location specified in the Node configuration window.


Release date: 20 March 2024

  • Engine: ADVBANDS and SIMPLEBANDS output is now displayed on the Plotly HTML Outputs.
  • Engine: Added close and discard changes button to Engine's settings window.
  • Engine: Added support for Australian NEM's CONL parameters using new Advanced Parameter aus.nem.conl.
  • Templates: New template added - Australia Essential Energy <5 MW typical dynamic network studies requirements - now available to gridmo customers.
  • Templates: New template added - Australia Powercor Sub 5 MW GPS Guideline - now available to gridmo customers.
  • Templates: New template added - Fingrid Modelling instruction for PSS/E and PSCAD™ models & VJV2018 - now available to gridmo customers.
  • Web App: Added an auto-complete style dropdown to select Global, Scenario and Loop Variables when you type $.
  • Web App: Added new shortcuts, Control+E to enable a Node, Control+D to disable a Node, Control+S for saving the Flow (same as pressing the download Project button).
  • Web App: Added the ability to copy and paste sub-plots between subplot Nodes.
  • Web App: Added undo and redo buttons and shortcuts (Control+Z and Control+Y).
  • Web App: Flow viewport now auto-scrolls to the Node you have selected, including when searching.
  • Web App: Added Select all Nodes of this type to Flow right-click menu.
  • Web App: Add Node menu now stays open to allow you to add multiple Nodes at a time.
  • Web App: Released gridmo uptime monitoring and status page, added status indicator to bottom of web-app.
  • Web App: Validation of Node configuration fields added.
  • Documentation: Clarified in the Data Node documentation that auto-align should be completed on the channel with the biggest change(s).
  • Engine: Now provides status message updates when gridmo Engine updating with a large number of cache records to check.
  • PSS®E Dynamic and PSCAD™: Standardised power factor definition, added extra handling for indeterminate cases (0/0) and updated smiby block with new power factor logic.
  • Templates: AEMO DMAT improvements - added a note saying a 300 second Run is required for tests 0.1-0.3 prior to submission, shortened plot subtitles to avoid clashing with customer logos.
  • Templates: AEMO GPS improvements - fixed missing Internode Variable i_v_poc_settling_time_2 error, added S5.2.5.1 constrained capability Start Node, corrected some minor typos, split start Nodes into SMIB and Network sections, corrected plot title of S5.2.5.7 (said S5.2.5.14), upgraded to new sticky Node structure for comments.
  • Templates: Model setup template improvements - added a fault and analysis Node to check for correct FRT/PPC freeze flag performance.
  • Web App: Global and Scenario Variable export files now have the variable type as a prefix, to make them easier to find.
  • Documentation: Advanced Parameter sim.repeat.init.if.suspect was not added to the docs when released.
  • Engine and PSS®E Static: PSS®E 34 API timeout error only raises on launching of the legacy connection mode, not ongoing.
  • Engine and PSS®E Static: Reset the minimum acceptable limit back to 50 for max_iter Advanced Parameter, default remains at 500.
  • Engine: Error caused by running first loops with a scatter plot with a GRADIENT Command.
  • Engine: Rare duplicate Argument warning when Arguments don't appear to be duplicate, due to duplicates of other Argument values within the Command.
  • PSS®E Dynamic: and Web App: Grey descriptive text reworded to hint that a directory can be passed to load all dyre files in a directory.
  • Web App and Plot: Disabled extra lines from being added to subtitle field.
  • Web App, PSS®E Dynamic and PSCAD™: No character limit in Distance Factor field.
  • Web App: Control+C and right-click copy occasionally override each other, resulting in different Nodes pasted than expected.
  • Web App: Rarely, the Edges of the source for a Node copy is deleted when the group of Nodes is pasted, then immediately deleted.
  • Web App: If you search a Node, then scroll away in the Flow tab, then press Enter again the search does not move back to the original Node location.
  • Web App: Prevented rare Node self-Edges on thin Nodes, such as Loop End, causing Simulation launch errors.


Release date: 16 March 2024

  • PSS®E Dynamic: Improved PSS®E merge algorithm to slowly ramp voltage and angle between value solved in SMIB and target value in network model to minimise PSS®E case convergence errors.


Release date: 14 March 2024

  • PSS®E Dynamic: Added new advanced parameter ignore.generators.without.dyre to supress errors from being raised if a generator does not have a dynamic model.
  • PSS®E Dynamic: Added new advanced parameter run.chunk.time to allow PSS®E dynamic to be completed in smaller time chunks.


Release date: 11 March 2024

  • PSS®E Static: Greatly increased the Advanced Parameter max_iter min and max limit (was 50-250 and now 500-10,000) to extend support for very low SCR cases. Default maximum iteration number increased from 100 to 500.
  • PSS®E Static: CONTROL, VTARGET= Command raises unexpected VTARGET value is likely to prevent PSSE from converging error when a generator is at its maximum or minimum reactive power limit, instead of converging at limit.
  • PSS®E Static: Generator's maximum and minimum reactive power limits were not reset to their original pre-solved values after completion of a SOLVE Command and a CONTROL, VTARGET Command.


Release date: 3 March 2024

  • PSS®E Dynamic: Added new Engine setting. Can now specify the order to load dynamic libraries (.dll) between no order, file size order (smallest first) and alphabetical order.
  • PSS®E Dynamic: Relative angle Command assumes slack bus generator ID is always '1'.
  • PSS®E Dynamic: If sim.relative.angles=no, no PSS®E Command should be called at all (existing makes a call to disable relative angle measurement, even though it's disabled by default).


Release date: 22 February 2024

  • Web App: Added the ability to launch a subset of Runs from the launch simulation window.
  • Engine: Added gridmo licence expiry date to the footer of the Engine.
  • Data: Added manual alignment capability to data Node - you can now specific a time to map an index in your data to a time value in a dynamic simulation.
  • Web App: Added copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) shortcuts to copying Nodes in the Web App.
  • Web App: Major improvements to Loop Start Node - added in-app table, CSV import/export capability and the ability to enable/disable individual loop iterations.
  • Web App: Major improvement to subplot configuration - subplots can now be rearranged using drag/drop and configuring the number of pages, rows and columns is streamlined.
  • Analysis: The output generated by the Engine now auto-sorts to the same order as the analysis equations are displayed in the Web App.
  • Data: Data stand-alone folder now includes a copy of the input data in CSV format.
  • Engine: Reduced excessive output window text when deleting temporary working files in the gridmo Engine Updater.
  • PSCAD™: Added warning to indicate that a PSCAD™ model from a stand-alone folder should not be sent through the Engine again, as it may cause missing channel errors.
  • PSCAD™: Firewall auto-close popup improved to try to close all copies of the popup, rather than only the one the parent Task spawned.
  • PSCAD™: Reduced sensitivity of manual intervention required to close PSCAD™ warning.
  • PSS®E Static: Erroneous limiter warning in first iteration of gridmo's PSS®E Static solver.
  • Web App: Improved validation on simulation launch button, now will prevent launching if Engine ID field is empty.
  • Web App: Made Nodes in the Web App easier to connect (increased radius of successful connection area).
  • Web App: Node paste in Web App now pastes at the location of the right click.
  • Web App: Placeholder text changes to minimise confusion between example text and actual setting in a Node window.
  • Web App: Substantially reduced gridmo Project JSON file size.
  • Analysis: Fixed analysis Node summary incorrectly reporting the wrong result if there are no Internode Variables in the equation.
  • Data: Fixed rare zero slice error when auto-aligning large data sets when performing downscaling for HTML export.
  • Engine: Fixed PSS®E version search timer in the Engine Setup Wizard from being too short, causing a failure to detect some PSS®E installations.
  • Engine: Fixed typo in Engine version footer hyperlink.
  • PSS®E Dynamic: SET, AT= Command incorrectly raising an unknown Command error.
  • PSS®E Static: ExtrError when trying to auto-merge a PSS®E SMIB model into a network model if there is no slack bus present in the SMIB model.
  • PSS®E Static: Temporary buses used for merging are now automatically deleted after successful merging of a SMIB case into a PSS®E network model.
  • Plot: Error when smart auto-scale attempts to auto-scale an empty sub-plot when a Data Node channel is present.
  • Plot: Fixed rare colour mismatch between PDF Outputs and HTML interactive Outputs due to floating point precision bug.
  • Plot: Minimised overlapping of multiple data legends when >10 OUTPUT Commands are used in a single Plot Node (in HTML interactive output).
  • Plot: Plot Node validation does not raise a validation error if the x-axis xmin time series value is invalid.
  • Plot: Removed standalone folder reference from interactive HTML footer if the channel source doesn't appear on any sub-plots in the output.
  • Web App: Fixed difference in sticky note Node width compared to other Nodes (in Google Chrome).
  • Web App: Fixed crash when deleting a Node that is currently open.
  • Web App: Node changes are no longer lost when switching between tabs.


Release date: 20 February 2024

  • Engine: Added new Engine settings, now allows custom colours for SIMPLEBANDS and ADVBANDS error band shaded area, upper band colour and lower band colour.


Release date: 19 February 2024

  • PSS®E Dynamic: CONTROL, BUS= commands not correctly applied during dynamic simulations, if the user defined model is of type USRBUS (in the dyre file).


Release date: 6 February 2024

  • Engine: Added new Engine setting, allowing the plot channel priority order (e.g. PSCAD™ before PSS®E) to be specified.
  • Engine: Minor improvement to Engine's new version display text to support new Engine patch capability.
  • Data: Added high resolution mode for auto-aligning longer data sets with simulation channels.
  • PSS®E Dynamic: Now supports folder paths in SMIB dynamic data record and network dynamic data record fields which will add all *.dyr files in a specified directory.
  • Engine licencing system: Altered dependency on 3rd party company due to their outages.
  • Engine: Engine updater incorrectly deleted cache record, even if caches are valid.
  • Engine: PSCAD™ worker did not save the gridmo_worker log file in the all-temp folder.
  • Engine: PSCAD™ worker did not suppress EMTDC Windows firewall popup on latest version of Windows 11.


Release date: 30 January 2024

  • Data: Added optional VAL= Argument to improve gridmo auto-scaling of Plot Outputs.
  • Engine: Added Engine settings window - allows configuration of most Engine settings including default software versions and plot colours.
  • Engine: Added a new version available indicator on the Engine.
  • Engine: Added new Shared directory to enhance multi-Engine support.
  • Web App: Moved to a new Web App login page and master template.
  • Web App: Added a new expand button to multiline fields in the Node configuration window - which expands the text box to cover the entire screen.
  • Data: COL= Argument improved to accept additional characters, renaming columns of data extracted from Elspec PQMs no longer required.
  • Data: Expanded details on how the OUTPUT and auto-align function works in the docs.
  • Engine: Major improvements to Engine setup wizard, PSS®E and PSCAD™ auto-detection improved, removed unnecessary steps.
  • Engine: Simplified update process - added new Engine post-update automated process. Engine setup wizard isn't required to Run after every update any more.
  • Engine: Tasks now auto-delete their temporary files from the Working folder.
  • Engine: Time to complete an Engine shutdown is greatly reduced.
  • Plot: Interactive HTML plots now use the same colours for multiple lines on a single subplot as the PDF plots.
  • Templates: Redesigned template T000 - purpose of template is now to help you set up a new power systems model with gridmo.
  • Web App: Default value for new Global Variable or Scenario Variable now blank, was previously "New value".
  • Web App: Greatly increased performance of Web App when using large templates.
  • Web App: Greatly reduced loading time when switching between the Projects display and the Home tab (now called Simulations).
  • Web App: Scenario Variables now display with extra whitespace between rows - to highlight the difference between a single long Command and multiple Commands.
  • Web App: Simulation status table now automatically adjusts column widths to fit on screen.
  • Web App: Upgraded all Web App components to have a consistent theme, font, sizing and look.
  • Engine: Case sensitive Argument values, such as NAME=xxx or DYRMODEL=xxx were incorrectly capitalised if the Argument was not all capital letters.
  • Engine: Rare Engine failure where the Engine reports Connected but is no longer requesting or starting new Tasks.
  • Engine: Setup wizard incorrectly deletes Engine setting
  • Engine: Very small or very large Internode Variable values can export in scientific notation, raising unexpected validation error.
  • PSCAD™: If a CONTROL, RELVAL= Command is used and there is no prior CONTROL, AT=0, VAL= Argument, smiby incorrectly defaults to an initial value of 0, rather than the smiby default value.
  • PSCAD™: If smiby block is named smiby_1 or similar, the Engine both reports a warning that smiby is incorrectly named but then raises error regardless.
  • Plot: ADVBANDS Command does not raise a validation error if BASE= Argument is not provided.
  • Plot: Any data Node on an interactive plot's standalone folder link does not render correctly.
  • Plot: Disabled 'binary' sub-plot option in Plot Node, as not currently available.
  • Plot: Unclear error raised if ADVBANDS Command has a TAT= Argument with a time which is after the end of the loaded data.
  • Plot: When using dual axis displays (left hand side and right hand side) the colours selected are identical, but should be different.
  • Templates: Australian NEM GPS (T006) S5.2.5.3 PSS®E Static Nodes have different initial voltage initialisation conditions between the actual test and generating the plot of the applied test.
  • Templates: Australian NEM GPS (T006) S5.2.5.4 Node 1368 (PSS®E Dynamic) has incorrect title.
  • Templates: SSIAG V2.1 (T002) plot subtitle characters cut off when describing SCR and XR.
  • Web App and Plot To edit any fields in the Plot Node's sub-plot dialog window, two clicks are required prior to editing being enabled.
  • Web App and analysis Import from CSV occasionally does not update content for data tables (including global and Scenario Variables).
  • Web App, PSS®E Dynamic and PSCAD™ slightly increased max numbers of characters in the Description field.
  • Web App: Excessive whitespace generated in Scenario variables table when edited.
  • Web App: Simulation duration does not appear on Simulation table's Engine tab.
  • Web App: Sticky Nodes in Chrome do not render correctly.
  • Web App: When adding new Nodes into a Flow, they occasionally get added off-screen or in an unexpected location.


Release date: 9 January 2024

  • Plot: Added new Engine configuration parameter plot.tight.layout which reduces the white space on time-series PDF outputs.
  • Plot: Added new Engine configuration parameter which adds the x-axis label on all subplots on time-series PDF outputs.
  • Plot: Updated ADVBANDS to output the % of samples which fall within the error bands, helping compare the accuracy of two channels (e.g. PSS®E v.s. PSCAD™ or PSCAD™ v.s. R2 data).
  • Web App: Clicking off the subplot or analysis dialogue box defaults to accepting the user changes (i.e. pressing 'OK'), rather than defaulting to discarding the user changes (i.e. pressing 'Cancel').
  • Web App: Default column width for Scenario Variables is increased.


Release date: 12 December 2023

  • Plot: Added new Command, GRADIENT, to calculate line segment gradients - such as auto-calculation of S5.2.5.11 P(f) and S5.2.5.13 QV droop curves.
  • Template - AEMO GPS NER v200 - S5.2.5.11 & S5.2.5.13: Updated to include GRADIENT Command and associated analysis.
  • Web App: Added Node search bar which searches Node IDs and text in any Node window field.
  • PSS®E Dynamic and PSCAD™: Removed support for DISTANCE%= Argument in SIMPLEFAULT and MULTIFAULT Commands, added a new Node-level distance factor setting.
  • Plot: Drawing a line on scatter plot data can now be toggled on/off.
  • Plot: Modified colour palette to improve contrast where multiple lines from a single Node are plotted together.
  • Web App: Increased number of characters in Plot Node title and subtitle fields.
  • Web App: Maximum number of Scenarios increased to 9.
  • Web App: Removed support for system.base.frequency Advanced Parameter and replaced with new Project setting on the General tab.
  • Web App: Updated location of row delete icon in Analysis Node window to match Global and Scenario Variables.
  • Web App: User experience improved when editing and savings rows in Global Variables, Scenario Variables and Analysis Nodes.
  • Web App: Node window remains open when switching between Project tabs.
  • Web App: Failure to launch Simulation error if a Scenario was enabled without adding a Scenario Variable.


Release date: 5 December 2023

  • Data: Released new Node.
  • Engine: VALSCALE= Argument now supports simple math operations, such as VALSCALE=1/$g_project_max_p.
  • PSS®E Dynamic: Released new ADD Command which can be used to add reactors/capacitors for wide-area voltage disturbance studies.
  • PSS®E Static: Expanded CONTROL, Q=VDROOP and CONTROL, Q=VDIRECT control methodologies to support voltage control strategies typically used for synchronous condensers.
  • smiby: Added single phase current output channels.
  • Templates: (Australia) AusNet Services 1.5MW to 5MW System Study Requirements template now available.
  • Web App: Added small status windows to inform the user when a Simulation failed to schedule, has started or has finished.
  • Engine: Allowed square and curly brackets to be entered in Argument values.
  • PSCAD™: Updated automatic firewall pop-up close to support latest Windows 11 pop-up style.
  • PSS®E Dynamic and PSCAD™ Improved validation on values provided to SIMPLEFAULT and TOVTEST.
  • PSS®E Dynamic: Improved DYRMODEL= typo detection, now raises warning if a DYRMODEL= Argument does not match any model in the specified dyre file.
  • Plot and Table: Increased character limit of output filename field.
  • Plot: Added DISPLAY= Argument to Edge detection Command EDGE.
  • smiby: Depreciated minimum reactance advanced smiby parameter, now derived from specified minimum resistance.
  • Web App: Moved location of delete button for Global and Scenario Variables.
  • Web App: Simulation launch time is now localised to your time zone.
  • Web App: The duration of a Simulation is now displayed on the Home page.
  • PSCAD™: CONTROL, CH=, VALSCALE= raises unexpected errors.
  • PSCAD™: SCR and XR were interpolated between Commands and therefore differed in implementation to other Nodes, such as PSS®E.
  • PSS®E Static and PSS®E Dynamic: Excessive low impedance warnings for branches which have acceptable (but low) impedances.
  • Plot: Occasional backwards compatibility error in very old gridmo simulation files due to missing Advanced Parameter field.
  • Plot: PDF file merge error if filename is 6 characters long caused by Windows long filename backward-compatibility handling.
  • smiby: Fault mode was selected in smiby irrespective of faults being applied or not.
  • smiby: Ramping SCR or XR during simulation does not correctly apply due to EMTDC™ optimisation of branch impedances.
  • Web App: Description fields incorrectly allow multiple lines.
  • Web App: Occasional failure to launch error when using launch Simulation shortcut (Control + Enter).


Release date: 14 November 2023

  • PSCAD™ Node: Added initialisation mode (sets infinite bus voltage to a fixed value at the start of the simulation for a configurable time)
  • Plot Node: Added HBANDS= Argument to settling time and recovery time to display horizontal tolerance bands for the specified calculation.
  • Plot Node: Added Advanced Parameter show.all.x.lables which, if set to Yes, displays the x-axis label under each subplot.
  • smiby: VDISTURBANCE - OP=COMPENSATE included which extends the simple voltage divider calculation methodology to consider generating system contribution prior to disturbances.
  • PSCAD™ Node: Case files are now automatically reloaded to resolve rare missing reference errors.
  • PSCAD™ Node: Improved Fortran compiler selection method if task requested Fortran version is unavailable.
  • PSS®E Static and PSS®E Dynamic Node: Reduced excessive error and warning text if an error occurs.
  • PSS®E Dynamic Node: CONTROL Command now supports multiple BUS= Arguments.
  • PSS®E Dynamic Node: Added sim.repeat.init.if.suspect=n Advanced Parameter (repeats initialisation n times if PSS®E dynamic initial conditions are suspect).
  • smiby: Sampled Vinf initial in a single place to avoid unnecessary duplication.
  • smiby: VDISTURBANCE - Logic separated from SIMPLEFAULT and TOVTEST to allow different calculation methodologies.
  • smiby: Additional logic added to POC Power Factor channel. If PF ≈ 1 or PF ≈ -1, then value is rounded to 1 to avoid issues of flipping between -1 and 1.
  • smiby: Improve the display names and descriptions of smiby parameters.
  • PSS®E Static Node: Warning for Zsource too low displays wrong warning text and multiple swing buses warning incorrectly states a timeout occurred.
  • PSS®E Static Node: Buffer size error when using PSS®E 34 connection and very large case files.
  • PSS®E Static and PSS®E Dynamic Node: Checking branch impedances is very slow and raises excessive warnings for large case files.
  • PSS®E Static and PSS®E Dynamic Node: Branches with series reactance equal to PSS®E ideal branch impedance threshold unexpectedly raises a branch impedance too low warning.
  • PSS®E Dynamic Node: Branches which connect buses of different base voltage cause PSS®E to report that a case is converged when the case is actually in an unstable state. We added a check and raise an error if this issue is detected.
  • PSS®E Dynamic Node: OUTPUT, VAL=PF channel incorrectly outputs 0 if active or reactive power is exactly 0.
  • PSS®E Dynamic Node: DLLs for network merge not copied to working directory correctly.
  • PSS®E Dynamic Node: ADVFAULT doesn't apply fault if TYPE= Argument missing.
  • PSS®E Dynamic Node: Connection closed error when running large case files caused by dynamics user defined DLLs clashing (e.g. model debug output file writes overriding).
  • PSS®E Dynamic Node: Unexpected validation error if SETFILE command arguments were very long.
  • Plot Node: Subplot legends on right (secondary) axis plots do not match the corresponding LEGEND= Argument.
  • Plot Node: If a SETTLE_T Command does not settle, the shaded area is excessively large.
  • Plot Node: Error if OUTPUT Command is used and the AT= argument is an Internode Variable.
  • Analysis Node: Unclear error text raised if an Internode Variable is in an analysis statement, but that Internode Variable cannot be found in a linked Node.
  • Engine: If direct (EMTDC™) mode is disabled in the setup wizard, it does not re-enable despite being asked to do so.
  • Engine: Direct (EMTDC™) mode does not auto-acquire a PSCAD™ licence.
  • Engine: If Engine config some tasks fail unexpectedly.
  • Templates: wecc-solar default POC voltage changed to 1.025 [p.u.].
  • Docs: Minor corrections
  • Template - AEMO GPS NER v200: Minor corrections:
    • Remove error bands from Plots when only one power system software used.
    • Added "[p.u.]" into y-axis title for Va, Vb, Vc plots.
    • Set DISPLAY=NO for many Plot Output Commands to reduce overcrowding of Plots.
    • Remove 3s initialisation check when only running PSS®E Dynamic.
  • smiby: VDISTURBANCE - VCHANGEPU previously applied an absolute voltage disturbance. VCHANGEPU now applies a relative voltage disturbance and VPU applies an absolute voltage disturbance.
  • smiby: TOVTEST - Fixed calculation methodology for Qcap when specifying a desired overvoltage (e.g. 1.2 p.u.).


Release date: 17 October 2023

  • Engine dashboard: Uncompleted Simulations launched in past 48hr are shown on the home page, providing users the ability to see what is currently being run on the Engine.
  • Engine: Added optional Engine setting release.pscad.licence.timer to automatically release PSCAD™ licence when not running PSCAD™ Tasks.
  • Engine: Added Engine setting to disable running new Tasks if the available hard drive space in the Working or Outputs folder is less than this setting value (in GB).
  • PSS®E Dynamic Node: Added PROCESS=ANGLE_WRAP optional Argument to post-process an ANGLE channel to between -180 to 180 degrees.
  • PSS®E Static Node: Tasks now complete approximately 50% faster if using a v34.x PSS®E.
  • PSS®E Dynamic and PSCAD™ Node: Added RELVAL= Argument to allow for relative changes to CONs, ICONs and VARs (PSS®E) and channels (PSCAD™).
  • Plot Node: Rise, settle, recovery times and OUTPUT values are now shown on the interactive HTML plots and can be enabled and disabled by clicking the legend.
  • PSS®E Static Node: Generators now have their reactive power limits reset after a completed SOLVE Command and are set in voltage control mode with a target voltage as per the target bus's actual voltage after the SOLVE is completed.
  • PSS®E Dynamic and PSCAD™ Node: Multiple VDISTURBANCE Commands are now supported in both Node types. TOVTEST is no longer recommended for new Simulations. A warning is raised if VDISTURBANCE command is used but the smiby distance factor is not 1.
  • PSS®E Static Node: Added a warning if an ATLINE= Argument might be backwards based on the requested CONTROL Command.
  • Engine: Automated old version cache deletion moved from PSCAD™ Node to Engine setup wizard to prevent FileNotFound errors.
  • Engine: Greatly reduced file size of Simulation Summary interactive table.
  • Analysis Node: Summary title now uses the Title field of the Start Node for this Run, rather than the Analysis Node ID.
  • Template - AEMO GPS NER v200 - S5.2.5.13: Voltage disturbance tests included for Q control mode and PF control mode.
  • Template - AEMO GPS NER v200 - S5.2.5.5 & S5.2.5.13: Alternate scatter plots provided for Iq FRT injection curve and P(f) droop curve.
  • Template - AEMO DMAT v2 (Table 22) & AEMO DMAT v2: Source energy helper updated to look at Pgen, rather than Ppoc. Scatter plot of SE v.s. Pgen included.
  • Template - AEMO DMAT v2 (Table 22) & AEMO DMAT v2 - TOV tests: Replaced TOVTEST Commands with equivalent VDISTURBANCE Commands.
  • Template - AEMO GPS NER v200 & AEMO DMAT v2 (Table 22) & AEMO DMAT v2: Include PFpoc plot in PF control system related tests.
  • Templates - All: Updated Grid - SMIB - Voltage relative steps from % syntax to latest pu syntax (e.g. -10% -> -0.1 pu).
  • Templates - All: Removed AT=0 Commands from PSS®E Dynamic and PSCAD™ Nodes where the AT=0 Command was already in a Scenario Variable. This was to avoid having duplicated AT=0 Commands.
  • Template - AEMO GPS NER v200: Incorporated Analysis Nodes to align with Analysis checklists in the associated tutorial.
  • Engine: Extra whitespace not removed from Internode Variable definitions under rare circumstances.
  • PSCAD Node connected to Plot Node: If OUTPUT, AT=x is used and x is equal to the Simulation length, then the value AT=0 is incorrectly output instead.
  • PSCAD Node: Occassional error if no CONTROL, CH=x, AT=0 Argument is provided.
  • PSSE Static Node: Potential duplication of internal generator definitions with multiple SOLVE Commands.
  • PSSE Static Node: The potential ATLINE= backwards warning is overly sensitive.
  • PSSE Static Node: Warning if the generator has hit a PMIN or PMAX limiter references wrong value in the 'generator requests' message.
  • PSSE Static Node: SCR=INF incorrectly creates a zero-impedance line which may cause dynamic model instability.
  • PSSE Dynamic Node: LINE=, VAL=I channel has no base specified so cannot be used.
  • Plot Node: Error displayed during Engine setup wizard if Python 2.7 mode is disabled.
  • Plot Node: TYPE=5255IQ incorrectly centres the x-axis about 1.0 pu, should be 0.0 pu.
  • Plot Node: Group of auto-scaling errors caused by plotting a single data point.
  • Plot Node: Auto-scaling between plot PDF and plot HTML are occasionally different, with the HTML plot occasionally not auto scaling correctly.
  • Plot Node: On HTML interactive plots, links to standalone folders appear even if logging type is selected as none.
  • Plot Node: Scatter plot error if connected to a Table Node where the x axis values are a loop variable and the y axis values are duplicated from two or more simulation results, such as two PSSE Dynamic Nodes.
  • Template - AEMO GPS NER v200 - S5.2.5.5: Tests initialise with s_psse_ss_set_infsource_sysnormal, not s_psse_ss_set_infsource_1pu where possible.
  • Template - AEMO GPS NER v200: Node titles, file outputs and variable names updated to be consistent.
  • Templates - All: s_psse_ss_set_plant_targets default value updated for Q control at the POC whereby VALSCALE=$g_project_max_q, QTARGET=$l_qcmd was updated to VALSCALE=$g_project_max_p, QTARGET=$l_qcmd. This aligns with Flow part of the template which provide l_qcmd values based on the project's rated active power [MW] (e.g. l_qcmd = 0.395).
  • Template - AEMO DMAT v2 (Table 22) & AEMO DMAT v2 - Table 8: Vref steps should be relative from g_default_poc_voltage, not start at 1.0 p.u. every time.


Release date: 3 October 2023

  • Simulation progress percentage is now shown on the Home page of the Web App.
  • The Simulation's gridmo JSON file is automatically saved into the Simulation's Outputs folder.
  • Plot Node: Supports multiple pages (for both PDF and interactive HTML).
  • PSS®E Static Node: Created ADD Command to add a new network element into the case.
  • Plot Node: Added shortcut links to the interactive HTML plots which link to the stand-alone folder (if created).
  • Launching simulations is now much faster and processing errors are now displayed on the Home page of the Web App.
  • PSS®E Dynamic and PSCAD™ Node: Added RELVAL= Argument to allow for relative changes to CONs, ICONs and VARs (PSS®E) and channels (PSCAD™).
  • Plot Node: Rise, settle, recovery times and OUTPUT values are now shown on the interactive HTML plots and can be enabled and disabled by clicking the legend.
  • PSS®E Static Node: Generators now have their reactive power limits reset after a completed SOLVE Command.
  • PSS®E Dynamic and PSCAD™ Node: Multiple VDISTURBANCE Commands are now supported in both Node types. TOVTEST is no longer recommended for new Simulations.
  • PSS®E Static Node: Added a warning if an ATLINE= Argument might be backwards based on the requested CONTROL Command.
  • Engine: Automated old version cache deletion moved from PSCAD™ Node to Engine setup wizard to prevent FileNotFound errors.
  • Engine: Greatly reduced file size of Simulation Summary interactive table.
  • Plot Node: Scatter plot type incorrectly only matched data from the same Node type - now requires same Node, software and software version.
  • Plot Node: Interactive HTML Plot type renders sub-plot legends even if disabled.
  • Plot Node: No error raised if SETTLE_T, RISE_T or RECOVERY_T have matching NAME= Arguments within a single Plot Node.
  • Table Node: merge on float32 and object columns error caused by incorrect type casting.
  • Engine: Any stalled process killed by backup process logic was listed as ERROR in the Simulation Summary but has no details as to why it errored.


Release date: 19/09/2023

  • PSCAD™ Node: simulation cache incorrectly matches a previous simulation if the only change between two simulations were changes to PSCAD™ source files
  • Plot Node: OUTPUT Command incorrectly raises an error if the DISPLAY= argument was used
  • Plot Node: SETTLE_T Command incorrectly outputs a settling time of 0 if the values of the signal at both the START_T= and END_T= arguments were 0 and the change in signal is negative with no overshoot
  • Engine: excessive gridmo Engine licence validation requests


Release date: 12/09/2023

  • Added Analysis Node
  • Plot Node: added support for custom user-specified fonts
  • PSS®E Dynamic and PSCAD™ Node: added power factor output channel capability
  • PSS®E Dynamic Node: load conversion parameters (conl) can now be specified via advanced parameters
  • Plot Node: SETTLE_T RISE_T and RECOVERY_T now have configurable per-unit start and stop bands
  • Plot Node: added DISPLAY= Argument for OUTPUT Command which renders a dot and displays the value in the data legend at the bottom of the plot
  • PSS®E Dynamic Node: relative voltage, GREF and VREF now supports +0.05 pu format in addition to +5% format (percentage format not recommended for new projects)
  • PSS®E Static and PSCAD™ Node: added simplified infinite SCR support, just set SCR=Infinite which sets the source impedance as low as possible for the respective power systems software
  • PSS®E Static Node: added a warning if neither end of a SET, LINE=, SCR=, XR= Command is the slack bus
  • Engine main log file gets very large with extended use (is now auto-rotated log)
  • Engine Simulation summary is now an interactive HTML and can be opened while Simulation is in progress
  • Unraveller: fixed a rare dependency issue when using multiple engines and a large Plot or Table merge
  • Unraveller: variables in comments and disabled fields are ignored
  • System requirements page: includes details on licence requirements for 3rd party power systems software
  • Plot Node: sub-plot legends were incorrectly enabled on all Plot nodes regardless of the "Enable subplot legends" selection in the Web App
  • Table Node: fixed validation error if comments are included in the table data field
  • PSCAD™ Node: initial fix for incorrect Iq channel behaviour under bolted faults
  • PSS®E Dynamic Node: fixed rare silent error if an OUTPUT, GEN= command is missing an argument
  • PSS®E Static Node: fixed unbound localerror variable K error if multiple SOLVE commands used but a CONTROL, GEN= command is not redefined before the subsequent solve commands
  • Engine setup wizard incorrectly sets main log file to Outputs directory instead of executable location
  • Template T001 AEMO DMAT Table 22: fixed in Node 1095 (source energy, PSCAD) the initial source energy was incorrectly not using the Scenario Variable $g_pscad_change_source_energy
  • Docs: updated PSS®E Dynamic and PSCAD™ Node docs to document LEGEND Argument.
  • Docs: minor typo updates to AEMO GPS tutorial


Release date: 29/08/2023

New features:

  • Template T006 (East-coast Australian GPS) now available to gridmo customers
  • PSS®E Static Node: added PSS®E model merge capability
  • PSS®E Dynamic Node and PSCAD™ Node: Added new Command VDISTURBANCE which automatically switches between SIMPLEFAULT and TOVTEST to apply a SMIB voltage disturbance (either up or down)
  • Plot Node: added scatter plot option and capability
  • Plot Node: Added new commands ADVOUTPUT and EDGE
  • Engine displays what software packages (e.g. PSS®E) its gridmo licence allows
  • New smiby version released - added XOR phase angle measurement between V and Q (at POC) and added positive and negative sequence id and iq measurement
  • Best practices page included in docs


  • Engine's stand-alone compressed folders now include task type in the file name
  • Engine now displays simplified task IDs in logs and stand-alone compressed folder names
  • Plot Node: OUTPUT Command now correctly handles exporting multiple Internode Variables if multiple output data channels are being plotted
  • Table Node: automatically outputs Internode Variables using their column titles as the variable name
  • Plot Node: settling, rise and recovery time data display now includes subplot title
  • Plot Node: improved support for subplots which have no data from any linked Nodes
  • Added NUMBER= argument to SETFILE Command to support additional OEM configuration file formats
  • Engine worker management and task request API improved, tasks now launch and cancel quicker
  • Web App simulation status page now shows loading wheel when loading simulation status
  • Removed setting key worker.max as all Engines now use dynamic worker control
  • Asterisk now shown in Node window title if there are unsaved changes on the current Node


  • PSS®E Static Node: LOCKTAPS=YES does not lock taps if robust solution solver is triggered due to large system mismatch
  • Plot Node: RISE_T command calculates the rise time as 0 sec for a falling change
  • Plot Node: error if all sub-plots are disabled, or both left and right sub-plot axis have no data
  • Plot Node: error if a single sub-plot has more than 13 lines
  • Plot Node: error if an Internode Variable is used in the Commands field of a subplot
  • Plot Node: error if a linked task does not have a specified Internode Variable when using OUTPUT Command
  • PSS®E Dynamic Node: error for extremely long PSS®E simulations (over 700 seconds)
  • PSS®E Dynamic Node: docs states angle playback is absolute, but is actually relative to infinite bus angle (which defaults to 0 deg)
  • PSCAD™ Node: TOVTEST Command not enabling auto-calculation mode despite QCAP=CALC Argument
  • PSCAD™ Node: CMD does not support UNC paths error being raised if using network drive with direct (EMTDC™) launch mode
  • Invalid characters in the Project or Simulation Description raise errors on the Engine
  • Template T004 has old-style large Node IDs


Release date: 08/08/2023

New features:

  • Platform-wide
    • Added multi-Engine support (currently requires high-speed local network sharing between Engines and requires no common task type between Engines, such as one PSCAD™ Engine and one PSS®E Engine)
  • Engine
    • General
      • Added Engine config keys psse.worker.max and nolicence.worker.max to support limiting number of workers per task type
      • Maximum number of PSS®E, PSCAD™ and other Tasks (which don't require a licence) can now be overridden by your Engine's licence (to support multi-Engine setups)
      • gridmo_log Engine log modified to allow multi-Engine
    • Setup wizard
      • PSS®E, Python 2.7 and PSCAD™ can now be skipped during installer setup


  • Engine
    • Plotting
      • Fixed - ADVBANDS occassionally does not detect a settled transition window for long simulations
      • Fixed - SETTLE_T command states a signal does not settle within the defined time, but it does upon visual inspection


Release date: 01/08/2023

New features:

  • General
    • Number of spawned workers can now be configured by licence. Added pscad.worker.max Engine configuration setting
  • Web App
    • After you launch a simulation, Engine ID is locally stored for the session
    • Control + Enter shortcut added, launches simulation and saves current Node window
    • Added ability to copy and paste subplot data between Nodes
    • Added unsaved changes notification to top right of Web App and added unsaved changes dialog box when creating new Project
  • Engine
    • General
      • TOVTEST Command has QCAP=CALC argument value to automatically calculate the required MVAr to achieve an overvoltage
      • Added Command MULTIFAULT which enables single-command Multiple Fault Ride Through (MFRT) testing
      • Launching new simulation tasks is now faster, using unused workers to launch in parallel
    • PSCAD™
      • Released simulation caching feature
    • PSS®E
      • Dynamic - added VAL=IQ and VAL=ID to OUTPUT, GEN= Command
      • Added YP= and YQTARGET= alternative Arguments for the CONTROL, LOAD= Command to set constant admittance rather than constant power loads


  • Web App
    • Fixed - Cancel button incorrectly closes the Node window
  • Engine
    • General
      • Fixed - wecc-solar model PSS®E slider file (SLD) was not included in the Engine installer
      • Fixed - Engine does not raise warning if multiple Arguments in the same Command have the same value, such as CONTROL, GEN=101#1, GEN=101#1,
      • Fixed - space at end of Project title raises file not found error
      • Fixed - Engine making excessive API re-connections due to missing keep alive flag
    • PSS®E
      • Fixed - SIMPLEFAULT incorrectly assumes the infinite bus voltage is always 1.0 pu in fault impedance calculation
      • Fixed - error when using CONTROL, LOAD= Command when using PSS®E v34
      • Fixed - error when using OUTPUT, TX=a->b->c, VAL=TAPRATIO Command when using PSS®E v34
    • PSCAD™
      • Fixed - smiby incorrectly assumes the infinite bus voltage is always 1.0 pu in fault impedance calculation for SIMPLEFAULT
      • Fixed - PSCAD™ output files which are invalid (such as NaN or chatter records) is extremely slow to process

Template changes:

  • T001 AEMO DMAT Table 22
    • Test/result changes
      • T22 Row 58 (TOV test) - all tests - Duplicated into two optional runs. The first uses an automatically calculated capacitance using TOVTEST, QCAP=CALC and the other using a voltage playback generator. Setting the QCAP values for 1.15pu and 1.20pu is no longer required. Removed QCAP helper.
    • Other changes
      • T22 Row 63 (Voltage oscillation) - all tests - Added additional disabled plot which overlays V and Q for two cycles as required for submissions to Powerlink QLD (Australia)
      • T22 Row 55 (Unbalanced faults) and T22 Row 57 (MFRT Benchmarking) - all tests - added sub-plot level legend to identify different phase voltages
      • Fixed - T22 Row 65 (SCR=1 P steps) and T22 Row 66 (SCR=1 post fault) - all tests - disabled PSS®E Nodes incorrectly used old $_ANGLE variable
      • Fixed - T22 Row 59 (V/Q/PF steps) - all tests - removed unnecessary voltage playback data from Nodes without voltage playback
      • Fixed - T22 Row 61 (F ramps) - all tests - reduce length of subtitle to avoid clipping with customer logo
      • Fixed - T22 Row 64 (Angle change) - all tests - PSS®E only plot missing psse sub-directory in output file path
      • Fixed - all terminal VAL=IQ references in wecc-solar PSS®E studies updated to new GEN, VAL=IQ Command
  • T002 AEMO System Strength Impact Assessment Guidelines (v2.1) Withstand SCR
    • Released into the Template Library


Release date: 18/07/2023

New features:

  • Web App
    • Included a popup window to warn of unsaved Node changes
  • Engine
    • General
      • Added optional dynamic worker control, where number of parallel simulations automatically scales based on available PC resources - recommended for powerful dedicated simulation PCs
      • Added task start time, end time and simulation duration in simulation summary
      • Added MULTIFAULT command for one-command multi-fault ride through (MFRT) tests, with 20 pre-configured MFRT sequences compliant with AEMO DMAT
      • Added simulation ID and last message to Worker status logging option
      • When a simulation is cancelled, the Engine will now force shutdown these tasks immediately rather than waiting for them to complete
    • PSCAD™
      • Migrated to a new faster output file converter
    • Plotting
      • Added customer logo support onto Plotly HTML plots
      • Added sub-plot legends and secondary y-axis support to allow multiple channels from the same Node to be plotted on the same sub-plot (currently PDF only)
    • Docs
      • The smiby block is no longer packaged with the engine, instead is now available on the docs website
    • Misc
      • Released new EULA for the Engine, revised the terms on the smiby block and added terms into auto-generated stand-alone folder scripts to align with public release of smiby.


  • Web App
    • Node IDs are incremental
    • Minor formatting improvements to Scenario Variables table
    • Run priority removed
  • Engine
    • General
      • Fixed - if a simulation is stopped by backup process kill logic, it doesn't appear in the simulation summary
      • Fixed - order of simulation description, simulation id and engine version make finding the latest created folder in the Output folder difficult
      • Fixed - adding a space to the end of the simulation description raises missing folder error
    • PSS®E
      • Fixed - performance of AT=0 commands is unclear, AT=0 should apply at first time step, AT=-1 should apply before the first time step
      • Fixed - scale on OUTPUT, GEN=, VAL=Q scale is incorrect
      • Fixed - very long simulations can cause occasional timeout error
    • PSCAD™
      • Fixed - smiby's default channel values should use the configured scales, so the values align with web app commands
      • Fixed - smiby's angle measurement multimeter incorrectly uses fixed 50 Hz
      • Fixed - pscx and pslx files in sub-directories were not being pre-processed before launching PSCAD
      • Fixed - rare PSCAD file conversion fail caused by EMTDC inserting chatter occurrence records into .out files
    • Plotting
      • Fixed - plot and table Nodes incorrectly merge with files in other output folder subdirectories
      • Fixed - Plotly HTML compression results in unacceptably low resolution for studies with small disturbances, such as voltage oscillation studies

Template changes:

  • T001 AEMO DMAT Table 22
    • Test/result changes
      • T22 Row 56 (PSCAD MFRT) and T22 Row 57 tests (MFRT benchmarking) - replaced SIMPLEFAULT commands with new MULTIFAULT command. First fault now at 5 seconds. Fixed - time spacing for first two faults in each sequence did not have spacing as per AEMO DMAT requirements
      • Fixed - T22 Row 62C (Extended voltage recovery) - tests 188-10, 188-50, 188-80, 189-10, 189-50 and 189-80 - the significant voltage dip during this test is now applied via SIMPLEFAULT, not via external grid playback
      • T22 Row 68 (Source energy) - tests 226 and 228 - no PSS®E Dynamic Node was previously included in this study, it has now been added. Note AEMO DMAT at time of writing is unclear if this Node is required, but it has been added for completeness
    • Other changes
      • Fixed - T22 Row 55 (PSCAD unbalanced faults) - tests 85A, 85B, 91A and 91B - plots were incorrectly labelled as 0% residual voltage, but the test is instead a bolted (0 ohm) line-line fault
      • Fixed - T22 Row 67 (FRT benchmarking) - all tests - reduced excess simulation time on PSCAD™ and PSS®E Dynamic Nodes (excess time was beyond end of plot), reducing simulation time
      • Fixed - T22 Row 68 (Source energy) - all tests - reduced excess simulation time on PSCAD™ and PSS®E Dynamic Nodes (excess time was beyond end of plot), reducing simulation time
      • Fixed - test 0.3 PSCAD™ Node was incorrectly labelled as test 0.4
      • All plots from this template now save to a DMAT sub-directory
      • All helper plots from this template now save to a helpers sub-directory within the DMAT directory
      • Added PSSE only and PSCAD only plots (normally disabled) instead of just benchmarking plots. These files are in individual sub-directories psse and pscad respectively


Release date: 04/07/2023

New features:

  • Engine
    • General
      • Worker all-temp folders now in compressed (.zip) file format to improve upload speed using OneDrive or similar
      • Improved Engine shutdown handling, now stops all tasks and worker processes before exiting
    • PSS®E
      • Added warning - dynamic simulation can be unstable if infinite generator reactance is effectively zero
      • Added warning - not updating project rated power can cause strange convergence errors due to ultra-low SCR
      • Multiple generator support for Dynamic Node CONTROL Commands for CON, ICON, VAR.
    • PSCAD™
      • Greatly improved the algorithm for finding and disabling unused output channels, improving simulation speed
      • Added advanced parameter to ignore PSCAD™ simulation errors which occur at the very end of a simulation (to support some OEM models)
      • Added advanced parameter to prevent an Engine from launching the specified PSCAD™ Node using direct (EMTDC) launch mode, irrespective of Engine config
      • Added support for incorrectly named smiby blocks (i.e. smiby_1) and raises a warning to fix, rather than raising an error


  • Web App
    • Scenario Variables page no longer editable when disabled
    • Reduced cache of files stored in Template Library
  • Templates
    • T001
      • Added missing PSCAD™ Q=0 command in R59D (Q control steps)
  • Engine
    • General
      • Fixed - warnings are not reported in the simulation summary for tasks which error
      • Fixed - number of recommended workers in setup wizard appears invalid
    • PSS®E
      • Fixed - CONTROL, BUS=, ICON= command raises error
      • Fixed - docs incorrectly state that OUTPUT, TX= did not have I ID and IQ output channel support
    • PSCAD™
      • Fixed - smiby block uses the xr_in parameter for calculating the XR ratio of the equivalent impedance irrespective of the External control selection
      • Fixed - EMTDC error if single smiby channel has multiple data points with the same time, but different value
      • Fixed - error if firewall popup is closed by another popup close thread
      • Fixed - PSCAD™ temporary processing folder incorrectly being copied into stand-alone folder
      • Fixed - direct (EMTDC) launch mode uses the wrong batch file path when loading
      • Fixed - SETFILE command incorrectly raises errors if hyphens are present in the FILENAME= argument
      • Fixed - PSCAD™ task will raise error if not licenced, despite a licence being available
    • Plotting
      • Fixed - interactive plot generator does not correctly skip disabled axes when adding axes titles
      • Fixed - 'may be too long to fit on plot' warning should not be a warning
      • Fixed - plot x axis ticks do not always appear on bottom-most subplot in subplot column
      • Fixed - error when using ADVBANDS with TAT= argument which has a time value after the end of the time series data being plotted
      • Fixed - interactive plot generator repeats the legend entry if multiple lines are plotted on the same sub-plot
      • Fixed - error raised in interactive plot generation if a subplot has a single Internode Variable and this Internode Variable is from a disabled Node and is the only time series data output of this disabled Node


Release date: 27/06/2023

New features:

  • Docs
    • Public release of with significant changes throughout the documentation
    • Added links to new YouTube video tutorial series
  • Templates
    • Updated template T000 (Single run example) with a PSCAD™ Node and standardised global and scenario variable names
    • Released template T001 (Australian AEMO Table 22 DMAT) with hybrid generator support using gridmo standardised global and scenario variable names
    • PSCAD™
      • Released new smiby block version:
        • Added built-in single-phase RMS voltage output channels at the point of connection
        • Removed unused cap_r and cap_l parameters


  • Web App
    • Fixed - launching simulation fails when using scenario variables with specific characters
    • Fixed - launching extremely large simulations occasionally caused error
  • Engine
    • General
      • Fixed - helper python macro not included in engine installer
      • Fixed - smiby config file defaults not included in engine installer
    • PSS®E
      • Fixed - maximum value for node.convergence.gain advanced parameter should be 0.5, not 0.1
      • Fixed - engine does not handle expired PSS®E licences correctly and creates multiple popups
    • PSCAD™
      • Fixed - PSCAD™ task raises index error if direct (EMTDC™) launch mode is set to false
      • Fixed - PSCAD™ task raises 'no iid error' if multiple components in the workspace match the iid of a SET, CIID= command
      • Fixed - EMTDC™ raises XYTABLE error if duplicate entries (same time and value) in smiby channels


Release date: 13/06/2023

New features:

  • Platform-wide
    • Added Scenario Variables for hybrid generator studies
    • Expanded plotting options, added HTML interactive plot which supports zoom and crop
    • Expanded engine software capability, allowing overlaying of multiple PSS®E and PSCAD™ versions in one Run
    • Refined simulation launch options to minimise files created in the Output folder
  • Web App
    • Increased character limits for several fields
  • Engine
    • PSS®E
      • Added new PSS®E Static output command OUTPUT, VAL=VDROOPTARGET to calculate a voltage droop target to help flat-start dynamic simulations
      • Added optional arguments QMAX and QMIN to PSS®E Static CONTROL, Q=VDROOP command to limit Q capability at a remote branch and bus when using voltage droop control
      • Optimised workspace loading to increase simulation speed
      • Now automatically closes firewall popups when starting PSCAD simulations
    • Plotting and Table
      • Now supports folders in output file name, such as DMAT\DMAT - T22 R58 - TOV test


  • Web App
    • Fixed - loops not connected to an end Node will schedule when they should not
    • Fixed - infrequent 502 error for engine API
  • Engine
    • General
      • Fixed - API connection does not support corporate proxies like ZScaler
      • Fixed - support for relative and absolute voltage references in the same field in External grid controls has been disabled
      • Fixed - undefined loop or global variables in a Node often causes engine validation error
    • PSS®E
      • Fixed - PSS®E Static Node CONTROL, ATLINE=TERMINALS raised error when using legacy 32 bit connection
      • Fixed - PSS®E Static Node logging incorrectly reported the wrong unit for OUTPUT, VAL=V commands
      • Fixed - PSS®E Nodes raising charmap error in PSS®E v35 caused by dyre file encoding
    • PSCAD™
      • Fixed - PSCAD™ reloads the master library after loading, slowing down simulations
    • Plotting
      • Fixed - plot scaling rarely not showing all data when using default Auto scaling mode


Release date: 06/06/2023

New features:

  • Engine
    • General
      • Added new error for missing commas in Commands
      • Added v5.0.2 support
    • PSS®E
      • Added advanced parameter voltages.tolerance and reduced the default voltage solver accuracy tolerance
      • Added warning where a PSS®E Dynamic simulation may have stopped early, but not failed (as occurs with some generator model failures or bad initial conditions)
    • Plotting
      • Added customisable colours to output plots
      • Added option to add minor grid lines to output plots (default is off - only major grid lines)


  • Engine
    • General
      • Fixed - rare simulation deadlock caused by race condition in task status buffers
      • Fixed - long wait for licence acquisition upon awaking if PC is slept with gridmo engine running
      • Fixed - temporary file cleaner occasionally deletes in-progress work during long simulations
      • Fixed - backup process kill logic raises error
    • PSS®E
      • Fixed - PSS®E Dynamic Node ID channel incorrectly reporting missing PBASE argument
      • Fixed - "None" path error if DLLs folder in a PSS®E Dynamic Node is a Global Variable which is an empty string
      • Fixed - PSS®E Static Node incorrectly handles power factor = 0
      • Fixed - PSS®E Dynamic Node output DLLs folder in STANDALONE folder generation fails if DLLs folder in Node configuration is not exactly dll
    • PSCAD™
      • Fixed - PSCAD™ does not close if error raised during pre-build or building EMTDC™ executable
      • Fixed - PSCAD™ v5.0.2 occasionally unloads all libraries in the workspace after loading
      • Fixed - direct (EMTDC™) launch mode incorrectly warning for being in debug mode in production engine
      • Fixed - excessive log output being created during copying files to temporary folder (resulting in longer task completion times)
    • Plotting
      • Fixed - output files from plots creating extremely large files
      • Fixed - error when using ADVBANDS command when no lines are present in the sub-plot
      • Fixed - PSS®E Dynamic Node crashing on first timestep causes NaN auto-scale error in plot
      • Fixed - hatching of rise, settle or recovery time on sub-plots does not have any transparency and doesn't match the line's colour


Release date: 30/05/2023

New features:

  • Web App
    • Nodes can now be enabled and disabled individually or in groups by dragging a box over the Nodes which holding shift, then pressing right click and selecting Enable or Disable
    • Renamed Variables tab to Global to represent Global Variables. Added import/export to CSV capability and added Notes field in Global Variables table
  • Template library
    • Added wecc-solar PSCAD™ model
  • Engine
    • General
      • Old files in the Working directory are now automatically deleted
    • PSS®E
      • Renamed ID and IQ channel SBASE into PBASE and QBASE respectively
      • Added METERBUS= optional flag to static and dynamic studies
      • New release of smiby block:
        • True distance factor d=1 and d=0 fault capability
        • Added new parameter for minimum inductance of any series components
        • Added new parameters to specify base values for ID and IQ channels to match PSS®E
        • Added 3PHG fault type
      • Improved multiple PSCAD launch method to minimise simulation PC slowdown
    • Plotting
      • Added AEMO Power System Modelling Guideline compatible error bands (ADVBANDS command)
      • Renamed older ERROR_BANDS command to SIMPLEBANDS and expanded capability
      • Added custom logo support (co-branding next to gridmo logo) for output PDF plots
      • Added minor tick marks to vertical axes


  • Web App
    • Fixed - single backslashes in Global Variable value caused simulation launch error
  • Backend
    • Fixed - loop variables weren't supported in merge Table and Plot Nodes
    • Tasks are now strictly scheduled in first-in first-out order (priority now given to finish older simulations rather than starting new ones)
  • Docs
    • Fixed - broken links on PSCAD™ Node page
  • Engine
    • General
      • Fixed - python 2.7 installer buttons in engine wizard were not greyed out during pip install
      • Fixed - rare duplicate task status update resulting in deadlocks of some long simulations
    • PSS®E
      • Fixed - confusing error if there are no output channels in dynamic simulation, but field is not empty (i.e. has comments only)
      • Fixed - silent error if cannot find branch in the loaded case file during a branch flow P or Q check
      • Fixed - network frequency dependence incorrectly defaulted to True
    • PSCAD™
      • Fixed - workspace/case file time-step or plot-step is not overridden unless advanced parameter specified
      • Fixed - extremely high SCR or XR values making residual voltage of faults inaccurate
      • Fixed - base value for ID and IQ channels were incorrect in smiby
      • Fixed - engine wizard loads a case file and adds to existing workspace, rather than opening a new workspace


Release date: 16/05/2023

New features:

  • General
  • Web App
    • Added simulation status to app front page. You can now view the status of your simulations and cancel unwanted simulations
    • Added sticky notes Node type. You can now leave notes for yourself or colleagues directly on the web app
  • Template library
    • Released template library
    • Added new template Single run example to the template library which replaces the simple-solar-farm.json example Project (was previously packaged in the installer)
  • Engine
    • General
      • Task request timer replaced with dynamic timer (requesting new tasks now quicker, improving simulation speed)
      • Added VALSCALE= flags to multiple PSS®E and PSCAD™ commands to support command or variable unit scaling which is different between PSS®E and PSCAD™ models (for example, command target is in per unit in PSS®E vs MW in PSCAD™)
    • PSS®E
      • Implemented PSS®E robust solution to improve low fault level solving capability
      • Added new command SETFILE which modifies an external text or configuration file prior to starting the simulation
      • Removed sim.compiler advanced parameter, replaced with pscad.compiler and pscad.version Engine configuration parameters.
      • Engine setup wizard now configures PSCAD and optionally direct (EMTDC) launch mode
      • Log file of commands sent to EMTDC exe now created when running in direct (EMTDC) launch mode if Save all temp is selected
    • Plotting
      • Added new command OUTPUT to output value of a PSS®E or PSCAD™ channel to an Internode Variable
      • Added new advanced parameter diff.after.merge.with to generate a blue/red overlay of the PDF being generated by this Node and an existing PDF to highlight the differences between them


  • Web App
    • Fixed - rated active power decimal rounding issue
    • Fixed - missing advanced parameter tab on Plot Nodes
    • Removed TBC fields from PSS®E Dynamic and PSCAD™ parameter Node windows
    • Improved loop and loop variable validation (new error types LoopVariableInFileName and UniqueFileName added)
  • Engine
    • General
      • Removed unnecessary printed output from Engine setup wizard console
    • PSS®E
      • Fixed - single line diagram (PSS®E Slider file) was not being copied into Standalone folder
      • Fixed - file path for DLLs used in dynamic simulation was incorrect in Standalone auto-generated python macro
      • Fixed - scale of OUTPUT, VAL=Q, GEN= channel was incorrect
    • PSCAD™
      • Fixed - unused output channels within a sub-module were not disabled when they should have been
      • Fixed - EMTDC raising XY table points out of order error due to incorrect sorting of AT= flags in smiby channel files
    • Plotting
      • Fixed - plot output filenames do not support spaces
      • Fixed - legend overlapping with the bottom sub-plot if more than 3 lines plotted on a single plot Node


Release date: 01/05/2023

New features:

  • Engine
    • General
      • Included simple-solar-farm.json as an example Project with the installer.
      • Simulation summary file now includes simulation id in file name.
    • PSS®E
      • TOVTEST command added (to add the same capability as the PSCAD™ Node TOVTEST command).
      • Added direct (EMTDC) launch mode which uses PSCAD™ to build the simulation executables and then runs these executables directly. Early testing shows ~13% increase in simulation speed for a typical DMAT template due to lower PSCAD™ overhead.
      • Added new settings parameters emtdc.launch and emtdc.batchpath for direct (EMTDC) launch mode.
      • New release of smiby block, added smiby_POC_ID and smiby_POC_IQ channels, added min_ohms smiby parameter to allow customisable minimum impedance values.
      • Added system.base.frequency advanced parameter to PSCAD™ (to match PSS®E).
      • Mixing absolute and relative (%) voltage changes is now supported in PSCAD™ Node (such as required for AEMO DMAT tests 186 through 189).


  • Engine
    • General
      • Fixed error where Internode Variable would try to be matched even if the line was commented out.
      • Fixed error caused by extra whitespace in external generator control fields (such as voltage, frequency or angle).
      • Fixed Engine logging information being displayed when in worker status log display mode.
      • Setup wizard now asks if the example files should be copied into the inputs directory, rather than just copying.
      • Fixed occasional extra lines being added to simulation summary file.
    • PSS®E
      • Fixed error when using SIMPLEFAULT,FZ=xx% in a PSS®E v34 dynamic simulation.
      • Fixed incorrect scale in PSS®E v34 PLBVFU1 auto-created playback generator file.
      • Increased PSS®E v34 legacy API connection timeout timer (so timeout doesn't occur under very heavy PC simulation load).
      • Expanded SIMPLEFAULT warnings.
      • Error now raised if CONTROL,CON=, CONTROL,ICON= or CONTROL,VAR= is provided a BUS= flag when it is actually a generator, or vice-versa.
      • Standalone folder creation now copies required library files for external models.
      • TOVTEST command now supports DURATION= flag to switch capacitor out.
      • TOVTEST command no longer causes singularity error if QCAP= is given zero or negative value.
      • smiby block internal multimeter sampling rate now toggles between base frequency and 1000 Hz based on VOLT_OSCIL command presence.
      • smiby block smiby_POC_FREQ channel was incorrectly measuring infinite bus frequency, updated to POC.
    • Plotting
      • Fixed error when multiple PSCAD™ plots appear on a single sub-plot.
      • Fixed spaces in plot filenames incorrectly throwing an invalid filename error.
    • Table
      • Fixed error when a Loop Variable containing text (rather than numbers) was added to table output data.


Release date: 12/04/2023

New features:

  • Web App
    • Highlight Node on Flow when Node is selected and being edited in the Node window.
    • Provide links to relevant page of docs above command text area fields.
    • State management library includes version management to allow backward compatibility of older JSON files.
  • Engine
    • General
      • Added a setup and upgrade wizard to set the gridmo Engine configuration file.
      • Engine installer no longer requires admin rights, now installs in the users local AppData directory.
      • Added Standalone folder creation feature which creates a folder which includes the minimum files to repeat a PSSE or PSCAD™ simulation outside of the gridmo Engine. This feature is designed for sharing repeatable results with other parties. To create the file, select the Save all logs and working files checkbox on the Simulation launch page.
      • Temporary files are now deleted after completion of a Run. To save all temporary files into the outputs folder, use the Save all logs and working files checkbox on the Simulation launch page.
      • Simulation ID of each Task now included in Engine log files.
    • PSS®E
      • STATE and VAR channels can now be plotted by using the OUTPUT,VAR= and OUTPUT,STATE= output commands in PSS®E Dynamic Node.
      • Added output command to export transformer tap ratio as an Internode Variable, use OUTPUT, VAL=TAPRATIO, TX=, NAME= command.
      • Added static study advanced parameter system.swingbus.ignorevolt which disables voltage checking limits for the swing bus. This value defaults to YES which is typically appropriate for SMIB studies. For full system model studies, setting this value to NO is recommended.
      • Added a check to raise a warning if any branch in the PSS®E model may be too low to prevent load flow convergence (typically <0.0001 pu on 100 MVA base)
      • Added a warning if the system apparent power base is not 100 MVA.
    • Plot
      • Auto smart scaling added. This mode will provide reasonable scaling limits based on the data type being plotted.
      • Recovery time calculation added using the RECOVERY_T command in Plot Nodes.


  • Web App
    • File -> Download project adds a timestamp to the file name.
    • Improve UI when inserting new Nodes.
  • Engine
    • General
      • Task version now included with simulation id in Working and Outputs folders directories.
      • Fixed error when worker process has stalled and was forced stopped by the Engine.
      • If a Task encounters an error, all dependent Tasks will be cancelled to prevent unnecessary cascading errors.
    • Plot
      • Removed title and subtitle text being limited to 40 or 60 characters, now raises warning if the title or subtitle may be too long.
      • Strong plot colour order has been improved. The colour of the lines on the plot depend on the Node type (Order is DATA then PSCAD™ then PSS®E Dynamic). If there are any duplicate Node types, then they will be plotted based on the layout of the Nodes in the Flow (Order is left to right).
  • Docs
    • Updated Installation and Configuration pages to match new Engine setup and upgrade wizard.
    • Expanded Terms and definitions page to include adding, bulk moving and copying Nodes and Edges.


Release date: 28/03/2023

New features:

  • Web App
    • Implement Edge copy and paste.
    • Implement analytics, session debugging and error logging.


  • Web App
    • Allow Project rated active power [MW] to include values to two decimal places.
    • Fixed issue where data would not correctly load when selecting Plot Nodes.
    • Output type Nodes (e.g. Plot, Table) will place outputs (e.g. .pdf, .csv) in the outputs folder even if not in a loop.
    • Improve text validation in Loop: Start Nodes, including ability to add comments and white spaces between values.
  • Engine
    • General
      • Failed Tasks now copy to the all-temp folder when Save all logs and working files is selected on the Web App launch tab.
      • gridmo_config.cfg parameter dirs.model renamed to dirs.inputs for future data import functionality (for example, overlaying PQ data recording with input data).
      • Contents of gridmo_config.cfg file now printed to console and log file when Engine opens.
      • Added Task version check with simulation version from Web App.
    • PSS®E
      • Redesigned and improved the 'legacy 32bit' mode. This mode supports 32bit PSS®E (back to v34.3). Added new gridmo_config.cfg parameter py27.path (Python 2.7 is now required in addition to the gridmo Engine installer).
      • Fixed 'legacy 32bit' mode sometimes not shutting down the 32bit PSS®E API when a simulation finished successfully.
      • Fixed error when Run using 'legacy 32bit' mode and OUTPUT,LINE= or OUTPUT,TX= commands were used.
      • Fixed error when OUTPUT commands have a NAME= flag with lower case letters in PSS®E Dynamic Nodes.
      • Added support for USRBUS 'other' model types in PSS®E Dynamic Nodes for CONTROL, ICON=, CONTROL, CON= and CONTROL, VAR= commands.
    • Plotting
      • Added a warning which raises if no data is found in any linked Nodes for a single subplot.


Release date: 17/03/2023

New features:

  • Web App
    • Implement Node copy and paste.
    • Implement user feedback when launching simulations.
  • Engine
      • PSCAD™/EMTDC™ v5.0.1 support added.
      • The smiby block, which provides control channels and acts as an equivalent external grid/source.
      • Variable SCR, XR, frequency, voltage and angle playback.
      • Single and multi fault (MFRT) capability, including specifying via residual voltage or fault impedance.
      • Transient over-voltage (capacitor switch-in).
      • Source voltage oscillation / amplitude modulation capability.
      • Output channels automatically disabled if not in use (to increase simulation speed).
      • Time step, plot step, feed forward signals etc all configurable.


  • Web App
    • General:
      • Implement gridmo branding (e.g. fonts, colours)
      • Update copyright to 2023.
    • Backend:
      • Increase robustness of unraveller.
  • Engine
    • General:
      • Improvements to Engine console logging (connection re-established, message on change of log output type).
      • Engine no longer hangs if console window is selected/highlighted.
      • Prevented crash on invalid config values, now displays errors via popup.
    • PSS®E
      • Removed record.macro advanced parameter, Python macro recording now enabled as default if Save all temp is checked on the simulation launch web page.
      • ierr API error values now give additional information on error (where available from PSS®E API).
      • Engine now autodetects and applies correct playback generator version PLBVF1 (v35) and PLBVFU1 (v34, via USRMDL).
      • Warning now raised if slack bus generator (equivalent) has Z source too high, which may cause unexpected behaviour during voltage playback simulations.
      • External grid angle change can now be controlled independently.
      • Fixed error in OUTPUT,GEN= commands.
      • Fixed output scale for OUTPUT,GEN= active and reactive commands. Now MW / MVAr to match OUTPUT,LINE= command.
    • Plot
      • PSCAD™/EMTDC™ files plot first (in colour order) before PSS®E results.
      • Fixed missing font error for plot generation.
      • Expanded logging warnings, such as warning if vertical max value is less than vertical min value.


Release date: 27/02/2023

First release.