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Template: Essential Energy (Typical) dynamic Network Study Requirements (<5 MVA)

Preview of template's gridmo Flow showing Nodes

Last updated: 20 Mar 2024



Software required:


Source: Typical requirements only

This gridmo template:

  • Includes a selection of tests to meet the typical dynamic study requirements required to connect to Essential Energy's distribution network under Chapter 5A of the NER.

To our understanding, there are no general guidelines for the power system studies required to be completed to connect a generating system to Essential Energy's distribution network.

This template has been based on requirements specified in project-specific NSR documents provided by gridmo customers.


To use this template:

  • Configure your global and scenario variables by using gridmo's Model setup template.
  • Download this template using the download button above and load the template into the gridmo web-app.
  • Transfer your general tab data, global variables and scenario variables across using the 'Import' buttons in the gridmo web-app.
  • Response to voltage/fault disturbances:
    • If your system normal SCR is >5, replace all references to $g_max_scr in Loop Start Node 1531 with 5.
    • If your system normal X/R is >10, replace all references to $g_max_xr in Loop Start Node 1531 with 10.
    • If your system N-1 SCR is >3, replace all references to $g_min_scr in Loop Start Node 1531 with 3.
    • If your system N-1 X/R is >3, replace all references to $g_min_xr in Loop Start Node 1531 with 3.
    • We have included a single multiple-fault ride-through test with the following faults. If your generating system requires a longer MFRT sequence in order to provide a more stable response, then please increase the spacing of the SIMPLEFAULT commands in the PSCAD™ Node 1547 as required - or alternatively enter a different sequence of faults.
#TypeDurationFault impedanceNext fault after [sec]
11PHG220 ms0 (bolted)0.2 sec
2PH-PH430 ms0 (bolted)5 sec
31PHG500 ms70% residual30 sec
42PHG220 ms60% residual30 sec
51PHG430 ms60% residual30 sec
61PHG220 ms0 (bolted)N/A
  • Active power ramp rate tests
    • You may need to modify the step time and simulation length of all Nodes connected to Start Node 1091 based on your generating system's active power ramp rate.


  • This template only includes dynamic tests - static tests are not included.
  • Response to frequency disturbances:
    • Our template use Automatic Access Standard (AAS) of the Australian NER S5.2.5.3 as we believe compliance with this standard is more common than Minimum Access Standards (MAS). Essential Energy's typical dynamic NSR only reference MAS. If your generating system cannot achieve AAS for frequency disturbances, please touch base with gridmo support.
    • It is unclear if both PSS®E and PSCAD™ results are required for this test. The template is configured to run both PSS®E and PSCAD™ studies, however the PSCAD™ simulation is disabled by default.
  • Response to voltage/fault disturbances:
    • We have assumed that all faults in this section should be completed in PSCAD™ only, as all faults in the typical faults table are unbalanced faults.
    • A footer in some NSR documents note that the tests under maximum SCR can be omitted if the minimum SCR fault tests show acceptable performance. For completeness, we have included both min and max SCR tests - you can disable the extra loop rows in the Loop Start Node 1531 if desired.

Template revision history

  • 15 April 2024 (v1.4.12):
    • Updated to align with newest template Sticky Note format.
  • 20 March 2024 (v1.4.11)
    • First version released.