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Template: ERCOT DWG dynamic Model Quality Tests (MQT)

Preview of template's gridmo Flow showing Nodes

Last updated: 29 May 2024



Software required:


Source: v20 (5 Oct 2023)

This gridmo template:

  • Includes all required tests as per the Dynamic Model Quality Tests Guidelines section of the ERCOT Dynamics Working Group Procedure Manual.


To use this template:

  • Configure your global and scenario variables by using gridmo's Model setup template.
  • Download this template using the download button above and load the template into the gridmo web-app.
  • Transfer your general tab data, global variables and scenario variables across using the 'Import' buttons in the gridmo web-app.



gridmo does not currently support TSAT, only PSS®E and PSCAD™. The TSAT tests are therefore not included in this template.

  • (Section - Sub-synchronous tests are not yet included in this template, though the VQ oscillation tests as part of the AEMO DMAT template could be modified for this purpose.


Template revision history

  • 29 May 2024 (v1.4.14):
    • Fixed typo in first loop of node 1260.
  • 15 April 2024 (v1.4.12):
    • Updated to align with newest template Sticky Note format.
  • 13 June 2023 (v1.3.0):
    • First release.