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Template library

We provide and maintain a library of templates and example outputs for different grid codes.

For details on how to configure the template, view example outputs and more - click on the blue link below.


Templates in this library have been provided for the benefit of gridmo users and the broader industry. You must not rely on the contents of these templates or output data and results generated from the template prima facie without regard to other considerations and engineering due diligence. gridmo makes no representation or guarantee that you will achieve any specific project result, such as acceptance of generator technical performance standards or any other regulatory milestone, by using or submitting the modelling results without your independent review, assessment, and due diligence.


Due to confidentiality obligations, we can't provide templates using OEM-specific/project-specific models. The library utilises the following generic models which are installed with the Engine:

  • wecc-solar (PSS®E, PSCAD™ and PowerFactory): Generic solar farm model using WECC generic models REEC_A, REGC_A and REPC_A.

The wecc-solar model has the following known issues/limitations:

  • Power factor control: This control mode is not available.
  • Source energy control: This control mode is not available in PSS®E.
  • Benchmarking: There are some benchmarking inconsistencies between the PSS®E, PSCAD™ and PowerFactory models.
  • Performance: The models have not been tuned for a specific SCR or X/R.

gridmo is a software platform helping engineers conduct grid connection studies, rather than an OEM/model builder. We decided to publish our template/results with these known issues in an effort to display the capability of our platform, rather than the performance of an untuned generic model.